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We want to hear from YOU (yes, you!)

We are two (VERY smart and attractive) 40 year old mysterious she leaders with professional experience that ranges from bartending to selling physics content to nuclear labs. We love to work. We hate work. We love to hate work. We are The Introvert and The Extrovert and we've got you.

Storytelling is an ancient form of connection and creating community. The trouble is our stories about work can take up too much headspace and airtime with our partners and friends. Watercooler Woes is a place for you to share your venting, challenges and frustrations anonymously and with humor.

You know Kathy that munches on those Cheeze-Its in your "open space office" (barf, even barns have doors). And Anthony that is always heating up the longest, smelliest meals in the shared microwave--yah we know them too. Bring us your Kathys and Anthonys! Bring us your bosses that aren't leaders, your staff that don't know the pressure you're under, the leaders that ask you to do more with less. Bring us your friend that you love but is a bleep colleague. Bring us you.

Our commitment: we're going to combine humor and perspective to remind you you're not alone and use our wide ranging experiences and that of our guests to come up with two solutions that might help.

Record your watercooler woes in 60 seconds or less or send it to

Tune into our podcast to get feedback and support on your issue and hear what's plaguing other folks.

Our crew is your crew.

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